Once we’ve discussed the best crossovers of our country. Today I’d like to introduce the best representatives of the Old World 2015. So here is the list of perfect European crossover SUV, we hope, you’ll like this TOP 8.

Toyota Land Cruiser 200


It’s an excellent auto, being mentioned in our rating lists not once. In recent years this Japanese has become a real flagship of the company. It is so popular in Europe because of its high quality and easy maintenance. The combination of all-wheels drive and automatic transmission works miracles on the road.

Audi Q5


A famous compact off-road vehicle has been being manufactured by a German corporation just since 2008. In spite of this fact its popularity is constantly increasing in advanced European countries. It is equipped with a gasoline or a diesel engine. One can choose an automatic or electric transmission, a front-wheel drive or a AWD.



This German cutie is situated on the 6th line of our TOP. Just look at the photo and you’ll understand the reason for West Europeans’ desire of getting it into their garages. The only transmission possible is automatic.

Toyota Land Cruiser Prado


This Japanese beauty has deserved a wide popularity in Europe. It must be explained with its high quality and splendid driving performance. A turbo engine is mounted, diesel or gasoline one. The ground clearance, equal to 225 mm, let everyone feel secure both on smooth roads and in mere cross-country conditions. By the way, the car is widely-known all over the world.

Porsche Cayenne


The 4th place of our rating goes to this famous mid-size SUV, being produced in Germany and Slovakia as well. It is a real masterpiece, having become one of the bestsellers on the European market. The engine modifications ranges. The horsepower output varies from 245 to 500.

Mercedes-Benz GL-Class


The second generation of a well-known prolonged crossover SUV takes the 3rd line of our TOP. It is a marvelous variant for European roads. Its roomy body let you pack anything to your liking. A V6 engine mounted has a horsepower output equal to 258. This monster is able to make a hundred km/h in just 8 sec.

Land Rover Sport


This work of art appears to be a common affordable crossover SUV for any European. It is usually used for everyday driving. Judging by numerous comments and reviews, this car is a true incarnation of the highest quality, staying unrivalled for many years.

Lexus GX


Just this Japanese mid-size SUV is winning our so-called competition. And it really deserves this title. The latest generation is equipped with a few different modifications of a V8 engine. Besides, the only transmission used is automatic, which is a perfect variant for Europe. The clearance, equal to 225 mm, let one feel comfortable at any region. It is well-known even in the USA.

As a Conclusion

Dear friends, don’t forget watching a video clip about our leader, it is certain to please you. It is so difficult to nurse such a wide public, but we are doing our best to get to you. If you have any questions or requests, please, leave them at the special form for comments below. By the way, we also have some information about used crossovers.

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