Good afternoon, dear readers! Today I’ll present to your attention the best station wagons on the market as for 2015. Our rating list will include models suiting perfectly family usage. There are a lot of similar vehicles manufactured but only few of them have a roomy trunk and optimized characteristics. I also advise you to watch the video about the best modern wagon. I hope you’ll like it and let’s begin.

Citroen C5 Tourer


This model has been pleasing the owners with a spacious trunk and excellent road performance for a long time. You may travel anywhere you wish and forget about the problem of excess baggage. It is equipped with an automatic transmission. By the way, there are various engine configurations offered. The most popular one is a 1.6 L turbo motor of 150 hp.

Peugeot 308SW


According to European classification, this iron-horse refers to C-class. This fact happens to make the model less competitive than its rivals. When back seats are folded the trunk volume amounts to 1,600 L. You may transform the passenger compartment easily and transport there any cargo. There are both an automatic and manual gearboxes possible. A decent 1.6 L engine of 120 hp let you feel confident on any road.

Opel Insignia


Here is one of the cheapest estates of D-class. And that is why it takes the 3rd position in our rating list. The peak trunk volume is 1,530 L. In terms of this characteristic the vehicle turns out to cede a bit in comparison to the previous participant but, in fact, other parameters let it be higher in the TOP. For example, a 2 L engine of 180 hp works perfectly. You may choose a manual or automatic transmission but the second one costs more.

Ford Mondeo


This is a marvelous auto for travel lovers. It has one of the roomiest trunks with volume equal to 1,740 L. Here you may put everything you need for a long journey. It is an excellent variant for any family. You’ll have no problem on the road when taking a two-liter engine of 145 hp. A secure driving will be provided even on the speedway. You may choose either manual or automatic gearbox. Besides, there is a choice between diesel and gasoline fuel.

Skoda Octavia Combi


Skoda Octavia is not uncommon for our ratings. Its characteristics coupled with the price being almost perfect, this fact is not strange. In terms of quality-price ratio the model is simply ideal. All of these concern a station wagon as well. The trunk volume amounting to 1,460 L the auto happens to lose on points to Mondeo. At the same time Skoda is notable for wonderful usability and smooth ride. It’s a real joy to drive this birdie; moreover, its price isn’t high. Choosing this car you may take either a gasoline or a diesel engine as well and a capacity to your liking.

As a Conclusion

Today I have introduced to you the best station wagons, presented on the market. I hope you agree completely with us about this TOP-list as when preparing the material we have oriented on the competent web sites. If you have any questions or you want to share a review, please, leave everything in the comment form. As for me, I’m waving off, see you soon!

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