Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen! Today I’ll tell you about the most powerful cars of 2015, wheeling all over the world. The rest of similar models are not of any interest as it’s next to impossible to see them. Our TOP includes really best hypercars, having deserved universal recognition.

Hennessey Venom GT


Our list is opened by Hennessey Venom GT. This model is notable for a magnificent appearance and cool supplementary system components as well. Everyone is sure to feel oneself a king inside. But let’s say a couple of words about its capacity. This supercar is capable of producing horsepower output equal to 1,200 hp. There is a V8 engine mounted and a 6-speed manual transmission.

Locus Plethore


The latest generation of this splendid iron-horse appeared on the market in the end of 2010. Every inch of the chassis and body is made of carbon. Designers have done their best to produce such a stylish exterior. And, moreover, the engine (a V8 modification of 8.2 L) capacity is equal to 1,300 hp.

SSC Ultimate Aero TT

SSC Ultimate Aero TT

This model has been being manufactured in the USA for a long time. In the course of its existence the vehicle has undergone a few restylings. The latest generation is equipped with a Twin Turbocharged V8 Chevrolet engine of 6.4 L. The maximal output is 1,300 hp. It makes a hundred km/h just in 2.65 sec. It is an excellent variant for speed-lovers, though it seems to be beyond means for the majority of customers.

Vector WX-8

Vector Avtech WX8

Here is an incarnation of a dazzling design and great output. The car, produced in the U.S., is sure to please with its characteristics. There are 2 modifications of engines used. The 1st one is of 1,250 hp and the second has a capacity of even 1,850 hp. Just imagine these figures!  The displacement is equal to 10 L.  As for the configuration, it is a standard V8 one. The cylinder block is made of high class cast-iron. This cutie makes a 0-100 km/h acceleration in just 2.3 sec. But it’s not a leader yet…

Devel Sixteen


This is the most powerful supercar considered, presented on the world market. The horsepower output is equal to 5,000. Engineers were sweating over its production not for a moment. It must be added that the model has taken a few points from its predecessors. It concerns both the exterior and under-the-hood. It accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in just 1.8 sec. So, this project occurs to be wild and mad.

As a Conclusion

Well, ladies and gentlemen, today I’ve introduced to you the most powerful autos all over the world. All of them are sure to have splendid system characteristics. I advise you to read reviews about all the cars mentioned above. Our photos and videos let you see the participants of the TOP at their work.

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