Good day, ladies and gentlemen! Today we are speaking about the cheapest cars 2015. I hope, you’ll like our selection, as low-cost vehicles are rather popular on the auto market. The present rating list consists of 5 models. In addition watch the video about the TOP-leader. So the first car to be discussed is the most expensive here, and the 5th one is the cheapest, offered by authorized dealers.

Chery Kimo (A1)


This is a work of Chinese auto-makers. It has come to the market recently but already enslaved enthusiasts’ hearts. In spite of a low price this “iron-horse” is full-fledged, equipped with electric windows, air-bags and power steering. And all of these cost only about 7,100 dollars.

Geely MR


The honourable 4th place of the list is taken by another masterpiece of Chinese descent, a full-featured sedan with reasonably good specifications. At that moment the price approximately equals to 6,300 greenbacks, but it may vary a bit due to economical situation.

Chery QQ


The 3rd prize is for a front-wheel drive saloon, produced in China. This auto is really fair, having decent appearance and characteristics as well. According to the owners’ comments it is an economy car, equipped with 1.3 L engine. Having paid about 6,000 dollars one may get an “iron-horse” with plenty of frills, including ABS, air-conditioning, safety bags. The only questionable point here is the quality of these things. But actually in the course of time Chinese auto technologies have improved.

Daewoo Matiz


This mini car takes the 2nd position. It is known to be equipped with different motors. The main model has engine capacity of 1 L and horsepower output equal to 64. It is sure to let you save money on petrol. Matiz turns out to be a front-wheel drive hatch-back, popular among females and males as well. The price is about 4,300 dollars, underlining the automobile efficiency.

Tata Nano


This city-car is famous for both tiny vehicle sizes and a low price. Being manufactured in India it suits this country perfectly because of some kind of local over-population. But anyway it is possible to meet this auto on American or European roads. The engine mounted is of 1L displacement and 60 hp of output. The low line vehicle costs about 2,500 bucks. You can see this Wheels with your own eyes in the video below. It might please you.

As a Conclusion

Dear friends, today I was telling you about the best cheapest cars all over the planet, quite affordable to every one of you. Look through topical message boards for supplementary information. Please, leave comments if you wish. We will be glad to observe your questions or notes. Don’t miss similar articles about able-to-get autos.

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