Good afternoon, dear readers! Today I’ll tell you about the best small cars of 2015. Our TOP-list is devoted to mini autos, having deserved respect and confidence in our country and other parts of the world. The rating table contains 10 models, each of them being unique. If you want, you may look through all the photos and videos at once, but I advise you to read the whole article.

Mercedes-Benz A-class

merce-benz a-class

Here is the 3rd generation of a famous German brand, presented on the Geneva Motor Show just recently. This cutie is sure to please you with a carefully designed interior and fine road performance. It’s a comfortable variant for city driving. There are a few engine modifications. You may choose either gasoline or diesel motor. A 6-speed gearbox is supposed to be manual or automatic.

Fiat 500L


Fiat 500L, issued by Italian experts, was introduced during LA Auto Show in 2012. This specialty is made in 4 different styles the manufacturer’s aim being to develop the brand. There is a 1.4 L turbo MultiAir engine of 160 hp and 0.9 L TwinAir one of 105 hp (gasoline units). One may also choose a diesel motor, presented in 2 modifications, as well. By the way, Fiat provides this auto with plenty of characteristics to make driving safe.

Hyundai i10


This model has been being manufactured since 2007. It is quite attractive but rarely-met on the roads. According to the crash test, the car is solving various road problems successfully. It may have either gasoline or a diesel motor. So, here is a full-fledged 5-door hatchback, deserving your attention.

Chevrolet Spark


This is a bright representative of A-class (small cars), notable for its uncommon exterior. The point is that the auto is not sweet; on the contrary, it has an aggressive look. The city fuel consumption amounts to 7 L per 100 km. As for highway conditions, it takes less than 5 L. There is a 5-speed manual transmission. The engine appears to be a bit more powerful than the cars mentioned above have. The producer gives a model a 1.2 L motor with a horsepower output equal to 82 hp. In spite of its shape and exterior the vehicle makes a 0-100 km/h acceleration in just 12.9 sec. Isn’t this aggressive kid amazing!

Kia Picanto


Its second generation was introduced at the Geneva Motor Show 2011. The auto is adorable by girls of any age. They prefer it to other powerful iron-horses for simple and comfortable driving in city conditions. The model is equipped with a 1 L or 1.25 L engine. You may take a manual or an automatic gearbox. The second variant costs few thousands more.

Сitroen С1


Here is another car, considered to be the best in its class. It is located in the middle of the rating table. It really deserves your attention. This kid has quite remarkable exterior. At the same time they mount rather poor engine of 1 L. But the variator added can’t but please you. This vehicle is also notable for being comfortable enough in comparison to other family representatives.

Peugeot 107


This is a 3-door or 5-door subcompact car, perfectly suiting big city conditions. Economy and comfort are just the words to describe this model. The facelift took place in 2012. The fuel consumption is equal to 4.3 L per 100 km. There are both a manual and robotized transmission, which is quite convenient in city conditions.

Ford Fiesta


The leading trio is opened by Ford Fiesta, taking over the world for already 40 years. Thanks to a marvelous look and fine technical characteristics the model earned great reputation from the first day of its being. Its current form was presented to the audience in 2008. The vehicle occurs to have various body modifications. It is equipped with both gasoline and diesel motors, performing well not only in big city conditions but on the highway as well. A total displacement may run to 1.6 L. Besides, there are also turbocharged units.



This very compact hatchback is situated on the 2nd line of the table. This vehicle is notable for an excellent quality level and marvelous manoeuvrability in any conditions. This mini car can’t be named a feeble one. It is equipped with with various gasoline and diesel engines with displacement up to 2 L. The capacity of several of them draws near to 200 hp. There may be mounted a 6-speed manual or 8-speed automatic transmission. In all the power it needs less than 6 L of gasoline and less than 5 L of diesel per 100 km in a combined cycle. Isn’t it perfect? The 0-100 km/h acceleration is provided in just 7.6 sec.

Audi A1


And the winner of the TOP-list is a German car-industry representative. In its new body the model has been being issued since 2010. Elegant shapes and unrivalled German quality are the very reasons for our love towards this brand. The car seems to be created special for big cities. It is equipped with either gasoline or diesel engines. The total displacement may vary from 1.2 L to 2 L. Everyone is sure to find his own appropriate modification. In 2014 a birdie with turbocharged engine of 230 hp was released. It is quite independent sports car, behaving confident on the highway.

As a Conclusion

So, dear ladies and gentlemen, I’ve acquainted you with the best small cars. Anytime you may leave your feedback in the form below. I also advise you to look through other rating lists, for instance, best cars for women or best hypercars. The information given is certain to be useful.

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