Today I’ll tell you about the best golf class (compact or small family) cars of 2015. Hatchbacks, met on our roads every day, are mentioned. Our TOP list contains 10 models of splendid quality and unique style. Beneath the review I’ll give you a video about the winner. Don’t forget about topical message boards where owners’ comments will help you to make a colorful picture of any auto.

Toyota Yaris


It is a subcompact car, having deserved popularity both in Japan and in other parts of the world. The vehicle having a bright exterior and fine under-the-hood, the honorable 10th position goes to this very model. The most popular modification is equipped with a 1.3 L gasoline naturally aspirated engine. It is economy and quite quick as well.

Hyundai i30


As for this Korean auto, it is located on the 9th place. It may have both automatic and manual transmission. This hatchback got its current appearance only in 2012. In spite of small sizes it has a smart capacity. There are 1.6 L and 1.8 L engines mounted. Both variants are certain to please the customers with road performance.

Kia Cee’d


Here is another well-known Korean producer, offering its creatures in this segment. The vehicle is equipped with a 6-speed manual or automatic transmission. There are various motors mounted. If you prefer economy, choose a 1.4 L modification, and if you like high speed, take a 2 L engine. The exterior is sure to be a delight for the eye.

Honda Civic

Honda Civic

And this is one more classical representative of the family. The Japanese iron-horse has been existing on the market for more than 40 years. In the course of time it has changed its appearance both inside and out. The up-to-date exterior of the car is dazzling. Moreover, the auto is comfortable inside. But at the same time you may feel its severe temper. There is an engine of 200 hp in the line of modifications.

Mazda 3


An average participant of our numerous ratings takes one more position in this very TOP. Mazda 3 deserves an honorable 6th line and universal recognition. The birdie may be equipped with a manual or automatic transmission. The variety of engines mounted is impressive. You can take an economy unit of 1.4 L or a more powerful issue of 2.3 L.

Ford Focus III

Ford Focus III

The 3rd Focus is situated on the 5th place. It appeared in 2011. You may enjoy a great possibility of choosing an appropriate modification among different types of transmissions and engines. So there are both powerful units for rural roads and budget saving models for big city conditions.

Nissan Juke


This Japanese compact kid is on the 4th line of the rating table. It pleases customers with a peculiar design and spacious interior. Though back sitters should make some efforts to get themselves cozy. Due to driving performance, it’s one of the TOP leaders. The most frequent transmission is a manual one. The vehicle is equipped with diesel or gasoline engines of various horsepower output and displacement.

Mercedes-Benz A-class


The honorable 3rd line goes to another well-known German kid. This auto is leading not only in road performance but also in a exterior of unique design, attracting tens of thousands of customers worldwide. It is equipped with various types of engines. The most popular one is a unit of 1.6 L.

Audi A3

Audi A3

One may choose a 5-door or a 3-door hatchback, demonstrating an excellent quality of German assembly. It’s a fine and affordable mechanism. It doesn’t cost a large sum of money as, for instance, A6 does. Thus it is quite easy to get an interesting vehicle with a powerful engine. A petrol unit of 200 hp has recently come into being.

Volkswagen Golf


The car-family ancestor takes the honorable 1st position. Being a classic of the genre, it has been existing on the market for more than 40 years. The latest facelift occurred in 2013. Nowadays it is equipped even with diesel engines. Both automatic and manual transmissions are possible. So, it is a perfect variant for big cities. You may watch the more detailed information about its characteristics in the video given below.

As a Conclusion

Dear friends, today I was speaking of the best compact/small family cars which can be bought in authorized dealers’ offices. I hope, you’ll like this review. Don’t forget about other ratings, presented at our web resource. You may be interested in cars of A- or B-class.

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