TOP 5 Smallest Cars in the World

The smallest cars in the world will be presented to your attention. These tiny vehicles won hearts of millions of citizens worldwide. Our rating of the innovative means of transportation of 2015 is devoted to the brands resembling just toys in sizes. The majority of them are created for conditions of the big city. We are passing to the list of 5 Best Small Cars 2015. Modern representatives of this class and models of previous years were touched on. Such factors as body sizes, maneuverability, modern technologies used and, of course, the ability of solving small space on the roads problem are considered.

Tata Pixel

Tata Pixel

In 2014 the mass production of these bitty cars began. The first thing to be evident when seeing this premium class vehicle on the road is its sizes. These autos are not only compact but also are most economic. Speaking about innovations, we should note the possibility of car driving by means of a tablet or a mobile phone. The models appear to be accomplished in a futuristic and modern design. This is the latest word equipment in the automotive industry presented by the well-known Indian company.

Tata Airpod

Tata Airpod

This representative of our top rating is a pneumatic city vehicle, popular in Europe. These cars are issued in India where considerable population density is observed that led to its miniaturization. Airpod is one of the best serial cars that are set in motion by means of pneumatics. In the special tank there is compressed air which is enough for 200 kilometers driving, at the maximum speed in 70 km/h.



This is one more tiny participant of our list of oversized cars. The distinctive feature making it the best vehicle of this class is that it can easily turn on a place. Possessing a freakish form, T.25 is the most compact representative of a class of electric cars. Its internal stuffing makes it not only the fastest in the class, but also a functional one, the auto can park at any place. This unique and qualitative sample is the leader in the class.

Peel P50

Peel P50

For the first time this tiny car appeared on roads of Great Britain in 1962. And in popularity this model still can’t be rivaled. Its sizes allow accommodating only one person, as the length of its body is equal to only 134 cm. Though it isn’t so comfortable for driving, in days of old this model racing competitions were held. Unfortunately, cars of this brand are not issued any more, but judging by characteristics they were successful in the class.

Wind up


This kid is considered to be the smallest car in the world. Undoubtedly, it is the best representative of this class, concerning both economy of a place, and fuel. There can be an impression that the auto is set in motion by means of a winding mechanism as behind it there is a winder. But it is not so, the key is simply twisting when the car is moving. The length of this model is only 129 cm, however, Wind up is allowed to use on roads. The car has everything to stand technical inspection – mirrors, headlights and other attributes. Unambiguously it deserves the top position of our list.

It is possible to tell that progress doesn’t stand still and with increase of prices for gasoline, and also with density of load of roads in the cities, relevance of small cars will only grow every year. Besides, it is a fine bright youth variant on which it is possible to learn the basic principles of driving. Over time these models will win the niche of inexpensive and mass cars of the future.

As a Conclusion

The smallest vehicles in the world were presented to your attention. I hope our list of original inventions has occurred to be interesting for you. Don’t forget to see the topical video presented on the resource. See you on the following interesting lists of popular cars.

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