Dear readers, today I offer you getting acquainted with the best cars of 2014-2015 according to Top Gear’s opinion. The list maid by a famous publication has been presented recently. We’ll try to unlock secrets about all the models included. Our rating list will contain several autos being the best representatives of the classes. So, let’s discuss them immediately. And, dear friends, don’t forget about the videos given below.

Porsche 911 GT3 RS


It is an excellent high-performance auto, assembled in Germany. It being an incarnation of style and great speed all car enthusiasts are sure to admire it. The whole interior is adapted to a driver. And its main intention is racing.

Mercedes-Benz AMG GT


This brand is supposed to be the best in sports car family. A gorgeous exterior and amazing design make the experts tick a right box. You will be pleased with both its look outside and under-the-hood, quite fine and appropriate to up-to-dated generation of sports cars.

Volkswagen Golf R


Many people consider the ideal hatchback to exist but they have been seriously mistaken. In 2014 Volkswagen introduced its famous renewed iron-horse, turning upside-down all the perceptions. The car has proved that there is no boards for developing.

Lamborghini Huracan


And here is a leader among supercars. This group of autos needs absolute equation. And this very parameter was taken into consideration by Italian car-makers. They were lucky enough to find a perfect combination of a marvelous exterior, power and comfort.

Renault Twingo


And this is the best vehicle for city conditions, presented by a well-known French company. It suits any huge metropolis perfectly. The compact sizes let feel like a duck to water.

Mercedes-Benz C-Class Estate


It is an ideal variant for family long-distance journeys. It feels the road perfectly, having excellent performance characteristics. Besides, it represents business class segment.

Audi TT


It goes without saying that renewed Audi TT has become the best auto in coupe group. Almost everything here may be controlled with the help of fingers, i.e. buttons, to be exact, located on the steering wheel. All the running being crystal clear, many car enthusiasts are sure to like this brand.

Mercedes-Benz S-Class Coupe


Top Gear considers this very model by Merce to be the most luxurious one. It is the coolest unit among all the representatives of the latest generation, issued by Mercedes-Benz. Be sure, it needs much fuel, but it is worth it. The auto is notable for its elegance and plenty of technical innovations.

Ferrari 458 Italia Speciale


This well-known Italian has got a title of the best convertible of the year. It is a perfect variant for a person wishing to drive quick as the wind on city roads. By the way, this iron horse appears to have a wild temper.

BMW i8


In publishers’ opinion, this is the best auto combining advanced technologies and unrivalled German quality. Here is a very complicated transmission of the latest generation used. But at the same time the vehicle is simple to drive on any road. Look at the photo, isn’t it magnificent? And this very work of art goes ahead of the curve in 2015.

As a Conclusion

Dear friends, I’ve presented to you the best cars according to Top Gear. Famous experts were reckoning up best car industry representatives as for 2014-2015. So, we can’t but trust them. Please, don’t forget to leave comments. And I advise you to read about the best cars 2015 and TOP 10 hypercars in the world.

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