As you can see, some globally renowned companies are producing both high-class attractive autos and quite ill-looking ones. Today we will speak about the ugliest cars in the world, possible to be met on the roads in 2014-2015. There are old classic buckets and modern vehicles as well. Our TOP selection contains 7 models, arousing sarcastic thoughts with all their appearance. Don’t forget of watching the video clip about the leader. But who it will be you’ll know a bit later. So let’s stick to the order and start with the 7th position.

Lamborghini LM002

Lamborghini LM002

Our rating list is opened with a cool set-of-wheels, discontinued long ago. It makes us think of Lamborgini’s ability of manufacturing really best autos in the world. Could it be so if the company was producing this agrimotor-like vehicle? At a certain point this model might even take part in rallies. But, thankfully, executives haven’t got enough money for it then.

Bond Bug


The next line of our TOP is occupied by a masterpiece, issued by British carmakers. It was manufactured in the mid 1970s, occurring quite popular, so-to-say. There are a lot of positive comments (reviews) concerning this brand. Even now many admirers of this 3-wheeled kid, describing itself as a sportscar, are sure to exist. Some people suppose it to resemble a Russian mini-car Oka by name. This long-nosed vehicle happened to be rather dangerous in driving. One could flip over when entering a turn.

Reliant Regal Robin


This freak also refers to a classic group. It could hardly be mixed up with any other brand. The model is matching our hit-list perfectly. Having a standard form, it resembles a docked 3-wheeled subcompact car, manufactured by ZAZ. Just imagine, some time ago there were held races among such vehicles. Isn’t it really disgusting?

Fiat Multipla


The 4th place goes to this very duckbill-like auto. If you haven’t seen this excretion on European roads, look at the photo. I think that our dear readers are glad to have some fun as well. It is next to impossible that the country presenting us with such marvelous brands as Ferrari and Lamborghini has issued that ugly object. Isn’t it curious to learn the thoughts of its creator?

Citroen Ami

Citroen Ami

A French car opens our TOP 3. This freak was engineered in 1961. What were the specialists thinking of that time? Hardly could we understand it. Not only a front side but also a cut-off back top appears to be a real laughingstock. Frankly speaking, this iron-horse resembles creatures, produced by Soviet machinery.

Sebring Citicar


Here is a mere electromobile, issued specially for Citibank clerks driving between offices. It was really a good idea. Moreover, it occurred to be a great progress in electric machinery of the mid 1970s. But, anyway, the appearance of these wheels leaves much to be desired. It resembles a bucket rather than a lizzie. It looks ugly both in and outside. By the way, it was very popular that time. All the series limited was sold in just a few days. Factually, it was hardly ever carjacked.

Pontiac Aztek


It was the very first crossover SUV, manufactured by General Motors. The car’s appearance is absolutely disgusting. As for me, I will drive this piece of iron not on my life. The most terrible thing here is that this auto was created in the 21th century. And it occurred to be an unsuccessful technical experiment. We offer you a video clip showing this work of art.

As a conclusion

Dear friends, I’ve presented to your attention the ugliest cars in the world. Anyway, they happened to be popular in their times. It must be explained with its unique face. If you have any questions, just ask them through the comment form. And I’m waving off. See you later!

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