Dear friends, today I’d like to tell you about the best cars for women 2015. Our list contains even 15 models, presented on the market. They suit ladies driving perfectly. This TOP group will help every woman to buy a stylish vehicle, appropriate for her image. Don’t miss the video clip about our leader.

Hyundai i10


This elegant mini-car is certain to befit any woman. The automaker has creates it just for the conditions of big cities. It is used both by males and females. In short, it is simply comfortable. The engines mounted are 1.1 and 1.2 L modifications. So this full-fledged 5-door hatchback takes the 15th position in our TOP in 2015.

Nissan Juke


This stylish Japanese baby-car, issued since 2010, goes to the 14th line today. It is equipped with various engines. A birdie with a 1.5 L engine of 110 hp is perfectly suitable for women. Such mini auto is sure to feel confident on city roads and regional ones as well.

Škoda Fabia


The model, manufactured by a famous Czech company, refers to a supermini class. It may seem not so attractive as its rivals are, but it is sure to provide reliability in a great extent. The brand was restyled in 2014. And now it is a real handsome monster with quite a fine engine.

Toyota Yaris


This subcompact Japanese baby-car is notable among its opponents for an excellent quality and elegant appearance. It befits any woman perfectly. It may be equipped with 2 kinds of engine. The 1st one is of 1 L, and the 2nd is a bit heavier, equal to 1.3 L. The latest engine has a horsepower output of 99 hp. So, practically it can’t get lost anywhere.

Daewoo Matiz


General Motors and its local plants offer you this birdie, a well-established model. This is the cheapest auto in our rating list. Nowadays it occurs to be widely-used by girls and women. The car is compact, easy-to-operate and quite manoeuvrable. And what else must be included for the city driving?

Volkswagen Käfer


Here is a famous “Beatle”. The fact is that the name in the head is an official variant given by German car-makers. It is issued in two versions of body, saloon and convertible, to say exactly. There are a few modifications of engines mounted. One may get a 1.2 L unit or a more powerful mechanism of 1.6 L. Women are certain to like the second variant better.

Peugeot RCZ


Who are the real female beauty-lovers? The French must be. And, surely, they can’t but produce vehicles for the market segment mentioned above. They’ve brought out a compact sportscar, letting every free girl accentuate her own style. This auto is attractive, fast and absolutely reliable. It has been being manufactured from 2010, equipped with both manual and automatic transmission. The motors mounted have a few modifications. The fastest one is of 2 L, able to provide a 0-100 km/h acceleration in just 8 sec.

Kia Picanto


A piquant name and a similar character of this baby-car attract lots of girls, so cars go like hot cakes. Its styling is really fine. It may emphasize feminity of any madam. It is equipped with 1 L and 1.25 L engines, as for transmission, two versions are possible, automatic and manual.

Fiat 500


Here is one more subcompact hatchback, having deserved popularity for easy temper. Moreover, it is rather good-looking outside. It is certain to befit females of any age. The fuel consumption is minimal. It has been sold on the market since 2012. Nowadays the model is issued with different kinds of engines. The most widely-used one is a unit of 1.3 L. So this birdie appears to be on the 7th line of our rating table.

Nissan Micra

2015 Nissan Micra

As for this mini-car, it has been pleasing customers for more than 40 years. Females all over the world prefer to drive this very auto. The latest modification, brought out in 2010, has become a true flagship on the market. It is not only elegant but very attractive as well. There are different motors mounted. The most popular one has a capacity of 1.5 L. The vehicle let you feel confident both in city conditions and on the rural roads.

Ford Fiesta


This is another long-liver, being manufactured for practically 40 years. It is notable for high quality and splendid exterior. It is used both by women and men. In a word, the vehicle is multipurpose. More than 10 countries occur to produce it. The car-maker mounts various types of engines and transmissions. Everyone is sure to find an appropriate variant.



One more Japanese creature takes the 4th position of our TOP. This subcompact iron-horse is famous for a stylish uptown design, very pleasant for one’s eyes. In fact, it is a full-fledged 5-door hatchback, letting every woman feel herself a queen of the road.

Mercedes-Benz A-class


The 3rd place goes to an unrivalled in quality German Adonis. It suits all-aged female driving perfectly. Its attractive exterior matches harsh nature. The car referring to Mercedes family, another approach is just impossible.

Audi A1


The 2nd line is occupied by another Teuton. Its road performance is really impressive. It seems to be not so nice outside but its sizes are almost ideal for women. It has been being produced since 2010. There have been a few renewals over the period of its existence. The result of this activity may be seen at the photos. According to the customers reviews, read in the Net, the quality of Audi A1 is really high. All the accounts are positive, concerning both male and female driving. So-to-say, it is one more multi-purpose vehicle for anyone to enjoy.



Everybody must be acquainted with a cooper, registered in Great Britain. This brand occurs to belong to one of the most famous BMW-group. This birdie is sure to be in all persons’ wishlists. It may be a bit pricey but it is not a bad factor. The car really represents value for money. Every woman will be glad to drive this auto-beauty. So, it is a true number 1 of our TOP. Just watch a video clip about it.

As a Conclusion

Dear friends, today I’ve introduced to you the best cars for females. These brands having become market flagships, every model is sure to deserve ladies’ attention. Leave your questions and comments in the form below. And I’m waving off, see you soon!

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