Top 10 Safest Cars

Dear friends, today I’ll present to your attention the best autos, crashtested, as of 2014-2015. Our list contains 10 safest cars, leading the market in all the parameters. I advise you to watch the topical video, given below. It is certain to please you. Our TOP begins with the 10th position and, moving increasingly, we will get closer to the best wreck-resistant vehicle of modernity.

Škoda Fabia


The present-day generation of the car is very popular all around the world. It is situated on the 10th line of our table. In 2014 the model was found to be the best one in its class in terms of passive safety. The tested object was equipped with a 1.2 L engine.

Nissan Qashqai


The 1st generation of this famous crossover SUV wasn’t notable for any extreme safety. But the 2nd version and the latest ones were doctored. Now the auto is sure to show good results in both passive and active safety. That is why it is becoming more popular among middle-class families, taking care of their lives.

Volkswagen Golf


This small-sized car simply impresses all the customers with both high quality characteristics and great wreck-resistance. It is really up to the mark. So-to-say, it concerns passive and active parameters as well. Due to investigations, it is next to impossible to get results lower than 80%. You may receive supplementary information on the web sites, reading reviews, written by both specialists and car-owners. A span-new Volkswagen Golf is depicted on our photos, a true leader in its class.

Volkswagen Passat


Here is a classic of the genre. It is one of the most well-known brands in the USA. This German sedan is prized for a splendid quality of assembly and fine safety indices as well. This fact explains its 7th place in the rating list. The latest generation has been crashtested just recently. Its passive safety occurs to be almost perfect, perhaps, losing out only to Skoda.

Land Rover Discovery Sport


This brand seemed to lack safety just 10 years ago but by now the situation has changed completely. The car-maker has started taking care of the customers and their lives as much as possible. Practically all the parameters are in the groove. It is quite good for a sports giant. Only a couple of marks happen to be below 80%.



The 2nd series of BMW has replaced the 1st one relatively recently. The latest renewed model has been being manufactured since 2013. This is a splendid auto, having got not only a nice exterior but also plenty of advantages in comparison with its rivals. One of the thing to be mentioned is increased wreck-resistance. Both active and passive driving safety parameters are similar in figures.

Subaru Outback


A multi-purpose vehicle of cross-country type is manufactured by a most widely-known Japanese company. It has received recognition for both excellent road performance and being one of the leaders of its class in terms of safety. Everything here is made for a driver to feel absolutely confident.

Mercedes-Benz C-class


This mid-size German sedan gets the 3rd prize in our TOP. The vehicle is sure to be a true leader of the class in terms of passive safety. The auto is really cool and it gains more than 90 points during the test of passive security. Moreover, everything is all right concerning active safety, as 79%, truly deserved, so-to-say, have been got by the makers of this work of art.

Ford Mondeo


Suddenly Ford Mondeo of the latest generation happened to please all the admirers with such a high quality of security. The model, undergone restyling in 2014, has become a class leader in this parameter. The auto, equipped with the engine of 2.0 L, has shown a splendid level of quality and it can’t but bring joy to the customers.

Audi A3


And now pay attention to the winner of today rating list. It is Audi A3 of the latest generation. Passive safety is about 85% in all the criteria. And so is active safety. According to the consumers’ reviews, it is the safest auto ever, presented on the market. Here is a video clip about Audi A3 special for you.

As a Conclusion

Dear readers, I’ve introduced to you the best crushtested vehicles. They are the most secured cars, created for people. It is a must to take these brands into consideration if you are planning to buy a vehicle soon.

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