Top 10 Most Stolen Cars in America

Good afternoon, dear readers! Today I’ll tell you about most stolen cars in America. It must sound strange but by the beginning of 2015 all the competitors discussed have been being made in Japan. So they will be presented in the review. Let’s start with the 10th place of the TOP and move to the winner step-by-step. In the end you may watch the video clip about the leader’s test drive. Don’t forget of leaving comments, questions and offerings as well.

TOYOTA Land Cruiser Prado


This is an attractive auto, striking a theft’s eye for many years. It must be connected with a high price for spare parts of this model. The vehicle is in a big demand among carjackers from the African East.



This iron-horse is widely-used on our roads, met practically every day. In spite of its high price the model is well-sold on the market. And that is the reason for the twoccers’ interest as well. TOYOTA RAV 4 is on the 9th line of the table. The hijacking rate is almost identical on the whole territory of the USA. It usually takes some position in official TOP 20.



Here is the 3rd Japanese car, produced by the same corporation as the two birdies mentioned above are. It must be added that despite the 8th position the model is very popular among car-jackers in some regions. Be attentive, especially if you drive this auto in the United States.



This vehicle is almost perfect, quite popular worldwide. Moreover, it has been recognized all over the planet both among common customers and thefts. Be watchful if you are the owner of this very model. It is the 7th in the world TOP list.



The beauty and great road performance of this auto attracts not only ordinary citizens but also scalp-lovers. That is why we can observe an increasing interest from the criminals’ side. It is sure to have a fine exterior and under-the-hood, combining both splendid quality and aggression. So, it takes the 5th place of the planet rating.

TOYOTA Land Cruiser


The 4th line of the table goes to another famous Japanese model, TOYOTA Land Cruiser by name. Our country isn’t an exception concerning this vehicle car-jacking. It may depend on the expensiveness of its spare parts.

MAZDA Mazda 6


The well-known six is situated on the honorable 3rd position. Thefts simply adore this aggressive Japanese cutie. This should come as common as its spare parts are usually hard to get. It concerns both our country and other ones.

MAZDA Mazda 3


As for the three, it is located on the neighboring 2nd line of such a nasty top list. This data is taken from the official world statistics. The model is frequently car-jacked in Europe.



Well, here is a winner of our TOP of twocced autos. It is a Japanese vehicle, HONDA CR-V by name, which is the most popular among car-jackers according to the statistics as at the beginning of 2015. Actually, this data is rather depressing. Moreover, the model is also frequently corralled not only in the U.S. but also in Europe. Everywhere it is located in TOP 5 concerning this parameter.

As a Conclusion

So, dear ladies and gentlemen, today I’ve introduced to you most popular autos subject to carjacking all over the planet. Don’t be surprised that all the vehicles presented are made in Japan. In fact, they are top-selling in many countries. You may find supplementary information on the topical web sites.

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