Nowadays people try to get cars of supreme reliability. It is the main point. The fine iron-horse should be adapted to the country conditions and possess driving performance satisfying consumers’ needs absolutely. So let me introduce the most reliable car models 2015. Our TOP-selection is based on experts and customers’ opinions. We have taken into consideration even comments, left by ordinary men. The ratio offered consists of 10 positions. Don’t forget of watching the video, telling interesting facts about the TOP-leader.

Toyota Prius


It is a unique engineering design, created by a famous corporation. We have praised the model with the honourable 10th place for corresponding to ecological standards Euro-5. Another distinctive feature of this car is that there is no running idle. This auto is equipped with both gasoline and electric motors. Engineers seem to have done their best when creating these Wheels. It is well-adapted for the world market as its electronic under-the-hood is of an extra class.

Volkswagen Golf


An outstanding model, manufactured in Germany since 1974, continues to please the customers with the highest assembly quality. The mileage possible is said to reach a millionth mark. That is why everyone is sure to be provided with security even during long distance journeys. By the way, the road clearance being considerable, this auto suits severe driving conditions perfectly.

Toyota Corolla


This is another Japanese masterpiece, taking the 8th position in our rating list. Being adapted to any road it pleases consumers with unpretentiousness. It’s quite popular in our country as well. Due to a fine index of QPR the auto has become one of the leaders of the world market. Many car-enthusiasts wished it were more powerful, but anyway the model stays quite reliable and it is worth buying indeed.

Honda Civic


So it seems to be some kind of a struggle between Japanese and German representatives for the places in our selection. The next famous car has come from the Land of the Rising Sun. It is appreciated for its excellent quality, attractive appearance and pleasant price. In addition costumers get electronic components of extra-class and quite a decent engine. One mustn’t grumble, must he? Every person is sure to find his own Wheels as there are a few modifications produced.

Toyota RAV4


The centre of the list is occupied by a Japanese iron-horse, reliable and high grade. It has managed to earn consumers’ admiration over 20 years, it has been manufacturing. It suits both urban roads and cross-country perfectly. The 4th generation of the car is known for an aggressive externality, excellent performance and a splendid quality of the suspender. The motor is said to be able to work without significant problems for many years.

Mazda 3


The 5th place is settled on by a well-known “triplet”, being discussed in various ratings. An excellent electronics and engine of great capacity are combined very well here. The price is not very high while it is working marvelously. A mid line vehicle costs about a mil, as for second-hand issues, even 5-year experienced models saves its good condition.

Mercedes-Benz C-Class


The auto, created in Germany, is considered to be an incarnation of comfort. Choose this very model if you would like to get a masterpiece by Mercedes-Benz for a lower price. Being a classical one the car has been attracting drivers’ attention for more than a decade. It is a perfect variant for a modern life due to an enduring engine. Sometimes you may see vehicles of 10 years service, working as if they’ve just come off the assembly line.

Porsche Panamera


A sportscar, manufactured in Germany, is standing 3rd in the list. It has quite a high price and a short period of usage. We can’t insist on quality being perfect, as there is little information about. But experts and customers share the opinion that the model is worth paying attention to.

Audi A6


A classical sedan (saloon), produced by German professionals, has been pleasing car-enthusiasts with a new body-style since 2011. Its reliability and supreme comfort continue being at their best in the course of time. An excellent engine and splendid build quality are just the very points we like the vehicle for. The car body, being of extra class, is protected effectively from corrosion.

Mercedes-Benz S-Class


So, welcome the leader of our TOP-selection. This is a flagship model of a famous auto-manufacturer, referring to mid-size luxury cars. It costs a pretty penny but it is explained with extraordinary quality and long operational lifetime. Even second-hand issue market gives a possibility of buying a decade vehicle with splendid characteristics. The mileage possible might leap over a millionth mark. The body is totally protected from corrosion thanks to modern technologies. Surely one must comply with the service rules.

As a conclusion

Dear friends, today I was speaking about the most reliable cars throughout the planet. I hope the information mentioned above have occurred to be useful. It might help you to make a purchase. Don’t forget about other topical articles. There is also an interesting material about S-Class vehicles.

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