Dear friends, I’m glad to introduce you TOP 10 best economical cars 2014-2015. Our list contains brands, letting everyone use fuel most sparingly even in conditions of huge metropolitan cities. There are 10 models, absolutely deserving their places. You can find detailed information at different message boards or read owners’ comments or reviews, as for us, we are starting.

Fiat Punto EVO 1.3 Multijet


The 10th line of the table is taken by this very model, little-known, so-to-say. It is equipped with a turbo engine of 1.3 L. The gasoline consumption per 100 km is equal to 3.86 L. Today this compact auto is carrying a price of about 14,000 euros.

Fiat 500 0.9 TwinAir


It’s a cute baby-car with a two-cylinder engine of just 0.9 L. In such a case it is rather comfortable and economy in the conditions of big city driving. The fuel consumption being 3.51 L / 100 km and the price starting from the point of 13,000 euros, many people suppose this auto to suit modern life perfectly.

Vauxhall Corsa 1.3 CDTI


This unpopular iron-horse has got a diesel engine of just 1.3 L. In spite of such a tiny capacity the car is known for an impressive horsepower output, equal to 95. This birdie needs 3.44 L / 100 km in the combined cycle.

Lexus CT 200h


Here is a famous brand, getting the 7th position of our TOP. It’s not a simple vehicle but a true hybrid executive car. It provides a fuel consumption of 3.39 L / 100 km. And, moreover, it is quite environmentally friendly. The price of this masterpiece beginning from 26,000 euros, one can easily enjoy this genuine full-fledged luxury hybrid.

SEAT Ibiza Ecomotive


A modern retrofit of a classic subcompact car is situated on the 6th line of the rating table. It is equipped with a start/stop system, providing decrease in fuel consumption. So one needs only 3.41 L / 100 km when driving this fully-featured vehicle. It must be a real catch for metropolitan cities.

Volkswagen Polo BlueMotion


This famous German producer is orienting on both the capacity and automobile efficiency. Today on the market there is Volkswagen Polo BlueMotion, having the most eco-friendly engine here and now. Herewith the fuel consumption of this auto figures up to 3.15 L / 100 km. It costs 17,000 euros and more, and it is really good.

Toyota Auris HSD


Thanks to the fact that this novelty is equipped with an advanced electronic petrol transmission, the car occurs to use the minimal quantity of fuel. Just 3.14 L / 100 km, isn’t it exciting? The model is also one of the TOP leaders in environmental compatibility. The official price of this birdie begins from 22 thousand of euro.

Skoda Fabia Greenline


The manufacturer mounts a diesel 1.2 L engine, using start/stop technology as well. It lets one save diesel fuel greatly. Moreover, due to the very up-to-date production methods tire resistance is decreasing. As the result, we have an average consumption equal to 2.83 L per 100 km.

Smart Fortwo CDI


This baby-car takes the 2nd line of the table. It has been being issued in Great Britain for a quite long time. Now it is possible to buy in Europe and USA as well. The fuel consumption here is just 2.85 L / 100 km. And its price can’t but please everyone, because one needs just 11,000 euros to buy it.

Kia Rio 1.1 Ecodynamics


And here is the leader of our TOP, having a great advantage in comparison with a previous participant, providing enough room even for 5 passengers. This iron-horse is equipped with a saving 1.1 L engine, using only 2.66 L per 100 km. As for future plans, the market promises to offer customers buying more economy cars. And I advise you to watch the leader’s photos and video clip below.

As a Conclusion

Ladies and Gentlemen, today I’ve presented to your attention the best economy autos nowadays. They let their owners save money when fuelling tanks. Isn’t it important in conditions of financial crisis?

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