Top 10 Best Hybrid Cars

Good afternoon, dear readers! Today I’ll introduce best hybrid cars of 2015 to you. All the models are sure to have splendid technical performance. Our rating list contains 10 cars. You must be pleased with the information given and a video clip about the TOP leader.

Honda Civic


Just this Japanese brand is situated on the 10th line of the table. There is a gasoline engine mounted, the output may vary. The electric motor of 27 hp accompanies the mechanism and let you save a hatful of money on fuel.

Ford Fusion


A hybrid Ford Fusion, having got the name on the market long ago, is becoming the 9th in the TOP. According to the customers’ reviews, this car is really a safe investment. A gasoline engine matches an electric one. You will feel yourself confident on the road driving this birdie.

Toyota Prius


Here is a splendid Japanese for our highways. It appeared on the market many years ago. For the life time it has made a best showing. The powerful electric motor is supplemented with an excellent gasoline engine. It is a true economy and capable vehicle. There are models taking only 3.6 L of fuel for a hundred kilometers.

Lexus RX


It is assembled both in Japan and Canada. This is a luxury crossover SUV, having quite impressive indices in terms of speed. A hybrid model is equipped with a 3.5 L gasoline engine. And with the help of electric unit it is able to make a 0-100 km/h acceleration in 7 sec. It is perfect for conditions of big cities and interstates as well.



The 6th line goes to one of the most famous representatives of German automotive industry. The 7th series in the form of hybrid has come to the world quite recently. Despite this fact, it has saved its great capacity and magnificent driving performance. It is a true German quality, pleasing everyone with even the smallest details. Some running gear parts are made of aluminum and that explains their durability.

Lexus GS 450h


It was the first luxury sedan in the world, having got a hybrid modification. And this very model is opening our TOP 5. It is equipped with a 3.5 L V6 engine, accompanied with an electric motor. So, we derive a powerful unit, accelerating from 0 to 100 km/h in just 5.9 sec.

Audi Q5


Here is an excellent compact crossover SUV, produced by one of the most popular company in our country. It is a true miracle, met on our roads not for the first year. The hybrid modification may be observed rather seldom, but it occurs. That is why we include this model in our hit-list.

Mercedes-Benz S-class


This classical luxury car often gets leading positions in our ratings. It appears among hybrid autos as well. The German quality of gasoline engines has flown to the electric units. And it can’t but please car-enthusiasts.

Chevrolet Volt


It is one of the brightest representatives of hybrid family, being driven on our roads. It has been produced since 2010. You may charge it through a common electric grid. And, what is more, this very unit has a horsepower output equal to 149 hp. Here we can see not a simple gasoline engine but an ethanol one. So, it’s a fine variant for big cities, though it may seem rather expensive.

Porsche Cayenne


Let’s hear it for the winner! Porsche Cayenne is the very model, getting the 1st line in the table of hybrid cars. It is the most stylish and powerful vehicle, being met in this family. Even second-hand models are valued all over the world. There is a 3 L V6 gasoline engine, supplemented with an electric motor of 52 hp. The car makes a 0-100 km/h acceleration in just 6.5 sec.

As a Conclusion

So, dear friends, today I’ve told you about the best hybrid automobiles of 2015. I hope that the information given above will be useful for you. Don’t forget of topical videos and photos. Good luck, see you soon!

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