Everything flows, everything changes. Nowadays more and more people prefer to buy just electric cars. And it stands to reason because gasoline escalation makes auto enthusiasts look for alternative cheaper fuel. Today I will tell you about the best electric cars of 2015, used all over the world. Our rating list will include models, presented on the market the current year. I hope you’ll also pay attention to the video, showing the TOP-leader. So, it’s high time to acquaint you with the leading brands of the world, concerning different characteristics.

Toyota Prius


This Japanese is situated on the 10th line of the table. The model is really cool; it has started pleasing alternative mechanisms lovers just recently. It must be mentioned that the auto needs only 4.2 L per 100 km in a combined cycle. This splendid result is achieved due to a supplementary electric motor of an ample capacity, providing long-term electric performance.

BMW i3


German specialists are trying to keep pace with their direct competitors from the Land of the Rising Sun. The 9th place of the TOP is occupied by a new model, BMW i3 by name. Due to some official information source, it may be bought both in Europe and America, USA included. It is a really cool auto, being one of the leaders of the rating list in QPR. The hybrid engine let you save much fuel, so-to-say.



In 2012 the audience got acquainted with an electric car, produced by this brand. Earlier it was known to have combined comfortability and economy in a fine way, and since that moment this auto became just perfect. This iron-baby is showing a great performance in big cities conditions. A highest German quality and affordable price are the very characteristics of the brand.

Chevrolet Volt


Here is another hybrid model, equipped with quite a high-capacity battery, letting one drive for about 65 km without recharge. This modification was presented in 2010 for the 1st time. Moreover, it got an honorable title “The Best Car of the Year” in Detroit Auto Show in 2011. So, it really deserves your attention.

Renault Twizy


Well, it is a true electric car, created by a famous French corporation. It is able to provide 100 km driving without recharge. The auto having small sizes, its manoeuvrability is going to a maximal mark. Over the last years the model has become the top-selling electric-battery car worldwide. And this vehicle is on the honorable 6th line.

Mitsubishi i MiEV


And one more Japanese car, using electricity, is in front of you. It having small sizes, many specialists consider it to be one of the leaders on modern city roads. The horsepower output is equal to 63. It has been being manufactured since 2012. Just look at the photo, isn’t it amazing? Unique exterior and fine characteristics let the auto take the 5th position of our rating list.

BMW i8


This model is given the honorable 4th line of the TOP list. Be sure, the auto would be the winner if not for its being a hybrid, combining both an electric and common gasoline turbo engines. Top Gear supposed it to be the best model of 2014, concerning the majority of parameters. An electric battery has a decent output, equal to 131 hp. By the way, it makes 0-100 km/h acceleration in just 4.5 sec. So, that’s quite an interesting hybrid.

Toyota RAV4 EV


TOP 3 is being opened by Toyota RAV4 EV. You may ask me why this famous crossover SUV is in the list. Well, the fact is that a Japanese car-maker has recently issued a full-electric modification of its popular same-name project. There are about 1500 vehicles, being driven all over the world. In spite of its quite large sizes the auto is able to cover the distance of about 165 km without any recharge.

Nissan LEAF


Let’s discuss another Japanese concern, occurring to be on the level in manufacturing innovative electric-battery cars. Every enthusiast may buy Nissan LEAF since 2010. It is equipped with an electric motor of 110 hp. Furthermore, this model is absolutely environmental friendly, able to make a 0-100 km/h acceleration in 10 sec even when using electricity.

Tesla Model S


And that’s the leader of the TOP. This American vehicle appeared on the market in 2012. Since that time it has been impressing customers with an unrivalled design and highest quality. There is a common three-phase AC induction motor mounted. The ultimate output is equal to 310kW. The auto accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in just 6 sec. By now it has become top-selling in Europe, outstripping plenty of gasoline vehicles in this parameter.

As a Conclusion

Dear friends, today I’ve presented to your attention the best electric-battery cars of modernity. I hope, your view of alternative autos will become more optimistic. In fact, there are a lot of units, surpassing their gasoline counterparts in performance, mentioned above. Let me also advise you to read an article about the best hybrids worldwide. And if you have any questions, please, leave them in the comment form. We are glad to receive any reviews.

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