Nowadays largest car producers look out for various groups of consumers. They are creating masterpieces appropriate to any generation. The youth turns out to prefer coupes. And today I’ll tell you about the best coupes of 2015, real works of art, I must say. Let me introduce to you this TOP 10. I hope you will be pleased with our hit-list and relevant videos.

Kia Cerato

Kia Koup Turbo

This type of body has been issued since 2011. It might be not the fastest auto ever but its exterior is quite attractive. Moreover, its aggressive temper is sure to impress you. It is equipped with gasoline engines of 1.6 L and 2 L. The horsepower output of the first variant is 126 hp and the second one has capacity of 156 hp. Both modifications may be met on our roads.

Nissan 370z

2015 NISSAN 370Z

Here is a true cutie. Its current exterior was presented in 2008. And since that time the model has been gratifying car enthusiasts. It is a true sports car having a self-willed character. A 3.7 L V6 engine is used here. The unit capacity amounts to 332 hp. The vehicle accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 5 sec. So, this is a worthy participant, taking the honorable 9th place.

Hyundai Genesis Coupe


It is one more dignified brand, pleasing customers all over the world since 2009. The Korean company equips its creation with gasoline turbo engines of 2 L and 3.8 L. The unit capacity is equal to 416 hp. Due to the characteristics the auto draws near to full-fledged sports cars. There is a 8-speed transmission making the vehicle easy to drive even in big city conditions.

Mazda MX-5


Since 2014 the 4th generation of this mini Japanese beauty has been being presented on the market. In our TOP it takes the honorable 7th line. It is equipped with 1.8 L and 2.0 L engines. Both variants are displayed in our country. The 2.0 L unit having the horsepower output equal to 160 hp, the auto may make a hundred km/h in 9.5 sec.

Subaru BRZ Premium


It is issued since 2011. This is a co-project of 2 Japanese corporations planning to capture coupe market in Europe and Asia. This birdie is equipped with a 2 L engine of 200 hp. It provides a 0-100 km/h acceleration in 7.9 sec. So, the 6th position of our rating is occupied with quite an interesting model.

BMW z4


The famous German corporate group also offers an attractive vehicle in the segment mentioned. It appeared to be the first unit for BMW in this class. This very model looks bang-up. As for me, I was lucky enough to see this car for some times but it is rarely met in our country. The facelift happened to be in 2009 and since that moment nothing has changed. There are several modifications of motors and transmissions mounted. The most popular variant is a 3 L gasoline turbo engine of 340 hp.

Porsche Boxster


Here is another attractive and self-willed representative of coupes, being manufactured for a long time. In 2012 there was the latest restyling of the model. This very form has been being issued till now. The 3.4 L engine has a capacity of 310 hp, letting make a hundred in about 5.2 sec. It is a worthy vehicle, very popular in Europe and America.

Audi TT


And it’s high time to discuss the leading trio, being opened with one of the most famous coupe, Audi TT, to be exact. The third generation has been presented recently on the Paris Motor Show 2015. The premier is equipped with a 2 L engine of 220 hp. The transmission offered is 6-speed automatic.

Ford Mustang


This specialty with a new 6th variant of the body released just recently takes the honorable 2nd line of the rating table. The model is said to be issued with 2 modifications of engines, 2.3 L and 5 L, to say exactly. You may find supplementary information about it on various topical web sites even now. It hasn’t been presented yet but plenty of enthusiasts have taken note of it.

Chevrolet Camaro


As for the leader, it is widely-known among modern screen fans. This very model has happened to be a prototype for Bumble Bee in “The Transformers”. This brand being familiar to everybody we put it on the 1st position. Moreover, in terms of characteristics it is also highly competitive with other participants. The 5th generation of the vehicle is equipped with a V6 or V8 engines. The horsepower output of the first variant is equal to 304 hp and the second modification provides 427 hp. The exterior is depicted on the photo. This TOP-leader becomes more and more popular in our country.

As a Conclusion

Dear friends, today I’ve told you about the best coupes presented on the world market. All of these works of art are sure to deserve our praise and close attention. I recommend you to leave your reviews in the comment form, especially if you don’t agree with me.

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