When we are speaking about drifting we mean that an auto should always stay maneuverable, especially in side slipping conditions. It stands to reason that some brands on the market couldn’t provide such ability. So, today I’ll introduce you TOP 10 best cars for drifting 2015. Our list contains vehicles, overcoming road curves without any problems. They are drifting in any circumstances. Our rating is prepared specially for drift-lovers in the USA. And watch the leader video below.

Toyota Mark II

Toyota Mark II

This 4WD cutie is at the 10th position. According to the specialists’ comments, it feeling the road perfectly, no drift could harm it. There is an independent spring suspension, coping with any lading. But the automatic transmission may mar the impression a bit. The model is issued with a few engine modifications. The ideal drift-variant is a 2.5 L engine, RWD and a manual transmission. If you try to get this model, you’ll succeed in it.

Toyota Soarer


Here is one more interesting Japanese unit. Unfortunately, its production was discontinued about 10 years ago. In spite of this fact drifters are using it quite actively on the roads. It is explained by a high quality of engineering, common for Toyota autos.

Toyota Altezza


This representative also has got an independent string suspension. Moreover, a discussed RWD beauty was discontinued as well, but drift-lovers prefer to drive it during their entertainments. An honorable 8th line in the world TOP proves it. The most appropriate configuration here is 2 L engine with 210 hp.

Toyota Supra


The 7th place goes to another vehicle, manufactured by Toyota. A 5-speed transmission, rear-wheel drive and independent spring suspension provide a perfect drifting. So a powerful engine is needed. We advise you a 3 L model with horsepower output equal to 300 hp.

Nissan 350Z


Japanese drifting cars continue to please us. The 6th position is ranked by another famous brand. This fellow has been also discontinued. Its wonderful road adaptedness just amazes any driver. So the auto is widely-used now. A 6-speed manual transmission is mounted. Besides, RWD let everyone improve drifting.

Mazda RX-7


Here is one more Japanese cutie with independent string suspensions and low riding, suiting perfectly for all drift-lovers. Rear-wheel drive provides a proper skidding. The most comfortable model is equipped with a 1.3 L engine with a horsepower output equal to 260.

Nissan 180SX


The 4th line of the TOP is for this RWD monster, having an independent spring suspension. It is quite good not only in drifting but also in speed racing. The peak of its popularity happened in mid 2000s.

Toyota AE86


This beauty left the market long ago. In due time it has created a real sensation in drifting. Today the enthusiasts drive used units, making the things hardly imagining. It is an excellent car for slide-lovers.

Nissan Skyline


Perhaps, it is the most famous representative of our rating list. This auto, starring in “The Fast and the Furious”, takes an honorable 2nd place. Providing a fine drifting, this birdie with an independent suspension and all-wheels stabilization is becoming a flagship of modern industry. It may be equipped with various engines. A RWD let you make miracles on the road.

Nissan Silvia


Our TOP leader is an auto deserving respect all over the world. The combination of an independent spring suspension, a manual transmission and 2 L engine is sure to conquer any road. Unfortunately, it has been discontinued, but anyway it stays a winner. In the course of time everyone understands that the producers could hardly invent anything new, so appropriate for skidding.

As a Conclusion

Dear friends, today I’ve presented to your attention the best cars for drifting. The autos mentioned have become true flagships on the market. They perfectly suit sliding on any road. Don’t forget about topical message boards. There you may always find more detailed information about the brands mentioned above.

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